Garage Sale

Why there is a garage sale? Why they are discounted?

There is a great work and effort behind every single piece of EL PATITO like every other hand-loomed fabrics, works and products. And also a huge investment for small small businesses like ours, storing everything for a long time is one of it. So it is important to make space for new designs / colors and to new ideas.

We would like to give a chance to them and make them more affordable for everyone who wants to experience 100% natural cotton quality and unique designs.

Almost every pieces here are single and will be sold out once they were purchased.  


Why are they here? 

Some patterns no longer part of our collection 

Some of them are last pieces

Some colors no longer available due to color palette / rope selection.

Some small mistakes during hand-looming production such as more robes than needed, some tassel problems, or some small problems during transportation. 


We believe every good thing in this world needs a chance to be used <3 

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