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About US

Melis Ergin-Krychtiuk                                      Burcu Öztürkler 

Vienna,AT & Durham,USA                               Vienna,AT


El Patito Towels are founded in 2017 by Melis and Burcu, two Turkish women who share the same ambition for fine things in life. After 13 years of corporate life and several projects in the art field we decided to go after our dreams.

As we were always eager to be involved with initiatives related to home-made products, sustainable textile and creative yet functional home-decor items, we decided to create El Patito Towels & Bathrobes based on the 100% natural cotton and authentic, worldwide known Turkish Towels. 

Our Towels has unique local design and patterns inspired by our hometown and Vienna which gives it’s contemporary look and feel leads to a bohemian style. We design the patterns and the colors in Vienna and our producer partner loomed using hand operated looming style with a hand finishing process in the world’s finest textile region, Western Turkey. 

We are a two women band and BFFs :) We share the same ambition -

“Do what you love & love what you do"

From hand-picking every single Glass Evil Eye and adding them to our eco friendly and lovely El Patito Towel and Bathrobe with the 100% natural cotton ropes; to packing each product with care and accompanying it to the post office for where they would find their new spots, we carry the same ambition and enthusiasm as we do for our lives.

We support local producers and small shops and we hope to find people supporting us as well.



Who is Melis?

I'm a day dreamer! And a traveller. Travelling with my husband, my soulmate as much as we can and looking deeper to amazing cultures. Love to cook world cuisine, Adrenalin sports, seeking for new experiences and trying to add colors as much as possible to life.

After 13 years of marketing & corporate life in Istanbul, I got married, left everything that I built so far and moved to Vienna. Started over with the experiences in my pocket knowing that I only want to work for what I believe and be my own boss, I decided to go after my dreams which was creating a bohemian style brand. After Burcu also moved few months later to Vienna this dream of ours became real and Elpatito Brand came to life.



Who is Burcu?

After 7 years of experience in marketing and having worked in art field for 6 years, I decided to move to Vienna with my partner. Although my enthusiasm in art, I was eager to create a new initiative and we built up El Patito Towels brand.

World Wide Shipping

Austria & Germany FREE SHIPPING. Flat 9 USD For Orders Above 50 USD. USA & Canada FREE SHIPPING Above 90 USD. We use recycled and recyclable packaging.

Honest reminder; please keep in mind that every shipping costs money. Free shipping is for you that we cover the costs and for a small business, it is a lot. Let's all be concious about the sources and protect each other and the earth <3

30 Days Return

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase date. For details, please check the Terms & Conditions

Customization & wholesale

We do emroidery. Gift packages and more. For special occasions and special orders please Contact us. For whole sale or consigment please reach us here.