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On Media

We are sincere about being women owned small business.

We are only on Etsy and we own our website. We are not on commercial and big platforms. You can find us at some boutique shops that are like us. It is not about we can’t be but it is about we choose so. We  try to balance the life and give 100 % of ourselves and this requires staying small. That does not mean our to-do’s and responsibilities are small. They are opposite. They are huge. Everything you see online is a work of one of us. And when we are appreciated by our customers and we're being recommended on media we make a happy dance like no one ever danced before:)

Here is the collection of some proud moments that we were mentioned on local media. 

- If you find ElPatito worth it and have a connection, please get in touch with us. you will make our day 


LIKE IT Magazine

November-December 2020 issue

Vienna, Austria

Like it magazine- Elpatito towels and Bathrobes
Like it magazine- Elpatito towels and Bathrobes


Falter Woche 41

Vienna, Austria

Falter Woche 41_Elpatitotowels on press


Metropol Magazine

November-December 2020 issue

Vienna, Austria

Metropole magazin_Vienna_elpatitotowels


4M4M- Puls 4 

In Yogajunkies Box, Liked by Hans Peter Haselsteiner

Vienna, Austria

as seen on tv elpatito

World Wide Shipping

Austria & Germany FREE SHIPPING. Flat 9 USD For Orders Above 50 USD. USA & Canada FREE SHIPPING Above 90 USD. We use recycled and recyclable packaging.

Honest reminder; please keep in mind that every shipping costs money. Free shipping is for you that we cover the costs and for a small business, it is a lot. Let's all be concious about the sources and protect each other and the earth <3

30 Days Return

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase date. For details, please check the Terms & Conditions

Customization & wholesale

We do emroidery. Gift packages and more. For special occasions and special orders please Contact us. For whole sale or consigment please reach us here.