El Patito Camping Series

El Patito towels and bathrobes makes perfect camping company.


El Patito bathrobes can be used in every occasion. 

Quick cover for every time of the day. A late night bathroom visit or in between shower as a daily robe. 

Perfect fit after shower or a fresh swim at the lake or the sea. It warms you, absorbs water perfectly and dries quickly. 

Can be washed at the camping places laundry:)

They are stylish so they can be used as a cardigan as well. 

We offer unisex bathrobes for adults from small size to 3XL and for kids from just born baby bathrobes to age 9. ( From our experiences so far kids that are older than 9 years old are happier in adult bathrobe small size:) ) 

They take less space so for the campers on the way, they will be light to carry, will take less space than a regular bathrobe or towel and help you through your journey with tent. You can roll them and make your pillow at night <3 

El Patito Towels offers the same multi functioning company to your camping journey. 

Hand towels are life saver for cooking and drying dishes as well as their main purpose drying hands and face :)

If you own a campervan our bedspreads may be your unique camper's decoration. Cozy, warm yet stylish and bohemian touch to your vanlife. 


We love camping and we do it as much as we can, those are all self tested and proven by us. 



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