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One Towel, 9 Ways

One Towel, 9 Ways

You can use El Patito hand loomed towels for every season and for many different occasion. It is perfect as a towel since it's high quality 100% cotton fabric you will experience the softness and fast drying at the same time. 

Beside being just a towel it is perfect as a shawl in winter or a throw on a summer night. 

It is a perfect company for yoga and pilates.


Our towels are perfect for travel as well. Takes less space, dries fast and machine washable.


You can colour up your terrace, balcony as sofa spread or a blanket for cozy nights at home


Or you can use your creativity:)

Our customers love to purchase our towels and create decorative yet unique pieces from them. From a couch pillow to curtain to adding to dresses or panchos that they are sewing to unique table runners. 


They are meant to live long, being used many times and they have a fair story behind<3 




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