NEW! Terry Series Kitchen Towel 50x100cm

NEW! Terry Series Kitchen Towel 50x100cm

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Terry Series 100% Cotton Terrycloth Kitchen Towel 

Ring Throw

Lightweight, hand loomed, absorbent, machine washable, eco friendly 

Dimensions: 50 x 100 cm 
Weight: 300 gr.

100 % Natural Cotton

Color Options: Black and white
Limited Edition

* A Perfect touch for a bohemian kitchens. Not only it is stylish, it works perfectly as a super absorbent and fast drying towel. 100% Cotton terrycloth will make you feel cozy and our new ring pattern will be the perfect touch for your stylish kitchen.
* It's perfect as house warming gift or a great hand made touch to gift baskets.

Made in Turkey

All El Patito products, towels and bathrobes, are made of 100% cotton which produced by experienced artisans in the world’s finest textile region, West Turkey. Our towels and bathrobes has unique local design and patterns inspired by our hometown and Vienna which gives its contemporary look and feel leads to a bohemian style.

We design the patterns and the colors in Vienna and our producer partner looms using hand operated looming style with a hand finishing process.

We carefully select and hand pick our products, adding final touches with handmade glass evil eye beads and organic ropes and comes in a 100% recycle packaging.


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