Set. Bathrobe & Towel inc. Complimentary Gift Packaging

Set. Bathrobe & Towel inc. Complimentary Gift Packaging

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Gift Set. Combine the Bathrobe and the Towel. Pls check our bathrobes and towels and combine / customize your order.
Free gift packaging.
Pls write us under the bathrobe color & size and the towel color you wish for the gift set.
We are flexible and please feel free to combine different bathrobes with different towels. EX: Nordic Series Bathrobe & Contemporary Series towel or Contemporary Series Bathrobe with Traditional Series towel.
Pls choose your pattern from our listings under names;
Bohemian Series
Nordic Series
Traditional Series
Contemporary Series

*Our robes don't have tassels at the arm for more comfortable daily use purposes, while they have tassels at the skirt to keep its original looming style. Tassels get no harm during washing or after daily use.

*For a generous fit & cozier feeling, please size up

* while we have our main colors available all the time, we are changing some colors every month for a unique experience and to stay our shop dynamic :) You can ask for your specific colors and we can provide it as soon as possible as well.

All El Patito products, Towels and Bathrobes, are made of 100% natural cotton which produced by experienced artisans in the world’s finest textile region, West Turkey.

We carefully select and hand pick our products, adding final touches with handmade glass evil eye beads and natural ropes and comes in a 100% recycle packaging which shows how we carefully craft and design our products like everything in our daily life.

Our towels and bathrobes has unique local design and patterns inspired by our hometown and Vienna which gives it’s contemporary look and feel leads to a bohemian style. We design the patterns and the colors in Vienna and our producer partner loomed using hand operated looming style with a hand finishing process.

Both our Turkish Towels and Bathrobes have different looming designs which changes the weight of each towel due to amount of rope used.

The peshtemal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries very quickly, takes up less space, is easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care, dog care and nowadays as a Home Deco item.

Ideal gift! Treat yourself or your beloved ones with one of our special design towels. They can be used for various occasions such as bachelorette, housewarming, baby shower, anniversaries, birthdays, terrace warming, special days and holidays, etc. Limit is your imagination.

Please check out our gift wrapping options for further wishes.

All of your orders are being prepared, wrapped and brought to post office by us Melis or Burcu =)

Thank you for being participating our dream and our business.

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