GARAGE SALE! Bedspread for Double Bed

GARAGE SALE! Bedspread for Double Bed

€64.90 Sale price
100% Natural Cotton Bedspread
Diamonds Pattern
Blanket/ Bed spread with hand loomed and hand tied cotton tassels, for double bed / king size bed
Size: 200 x 230 cm (79"x94") The size can be ± 5cm (2") due to hand weaving.
This multipurpose blanket is hand woven in the traditional looming technique. You can either use it as a blanket at home, or on the beach, at a picnic, festival or as a simple bed cover in your bedroom. You can even use it as a curtain.


Why there is a garage sale? Why they are discounted?

We would like to give a chance to them and make them more affordable for everyone who wants to experience 100% natural cotton quality and unique designs.

Almost every pieces here are single and will be sold out once they were purchased.  

Why is it here?

This is the last piece in this design

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